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Red light therapy is a new, innovative way to help the body lose weight.

How it works:

Fat cells are like clusters of grapes. As people change the internal hormones the body goes into a fat storing state. The fat cells continue to increase in size leading to frustration.

The laser like lipo helps penetrate the cell wall and turn the gel like triglyceride into a liquid like substance consisting of glycerol, fatty acids and water. As this leaves the cell you are left with a collapsed cell wall and a significant decrease in surface area.

This is how the contouring is accomplished. The two questions most people have are 1. Where does this fluid go? 2. How long does it last?

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Where does the fat go?

The fluid seeps into the interstitial fluid around the cells. The lymphatic system takes this fluid and shuttles it to the liver. One of the liver’s many functions is to process fat. This is where the material is packaged up and excreted from the body via excretory processes. In order to achieve maximum results it is important to make sure this process is working efficiently in the body. 

How long does it last?

It really depends on how many hormonal systems are present in terms of fat storage in the individual’s body. A body dealing with more hormonal imbalance will have a tendency to fill the fat cell up more quickly. 

This is where frequency of treatment and time play into this. If the fat cell is collapsed and drained over an 8 week period the cell will have a tendency to get more raisin-like and stay collapsed longer. Recommended treatment frequency is 3 times a week. 

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Light therapy can result in fat loss and fat cell reduction. Red light triggers the formation of small openings or pores in fat cells, which releases fatty acids known as lipids. One study found that just four minutes of exposure to 635nm red light caused 80% of lipids to be released from fat cells, and by six minutes, almost all of the fat had been released.

Visible red light is capable of penetrating the skin to a depth of about 8 To 10mm. Once absorbed, the light energy is converted to cellular energy, stimulating the body’s natural processes on a cellular level and kicking off a whole series of metabolic events, which may include:

  • Increased Circulation And The Formation Of New Capillaries
  • Increased Lymph System Activity
  • Increased Production Of Collagen And Fibroblasts
  • Increased Release Of Raw Cellular Energy
  • Increased Cellular Clean Up
  • Tissue Granulation Stimulated
  • Inflammation Reduced

All of these things work together to produce many benefits for you in the areas of anti-aging, the healing of injuries, and the relief of pain.

  • 100% Natural
  • Drug-Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Non-Invasive (No Needles Or Knives)
  • Non-Ablative (Does Not Damage The Skin)
  • Painless (Does Not Itch, Burn Or Sting)
  • Requires Zero Downtime
  • Safe For All Skin Types
  • Safe For All Ages
  • No Known Adverse Short Or Long Term Side Effects


  • Red Light Therapy Creates A Healthy Glow About Your Face
  • Smooths Overall Skin Tone
  • Supports Building Collagen, Reducing Wrinkles, Including Crow’s Feet
  • Wrinkles, Forehead Wrinkles & Laugh Lines
  • Speeds The Healing Of Blemishes, Like Acne And Rosacea
  • Repairs Sun Damage
  • Reduces Redness, Flushing, And Broken Capillaries
  • Fades Scars And Stretch Marks
  • Brings More Moisture To Your Skin
  • Prevents Hair Loss & Stimulates Regrowth
  • Treats A Growing List Of Skin Conditions

Weight Loss in Fairfax, VA

Red Light Therapy uses low wavelengths to penetrate the body to help reduce and even, in some cases, eliminate fat cells. 

One study found that just four minutes of exposure to 635nm red light caused 80% of lipids to be released from fat cells, and by six minutes, almost all of the fat had been released.

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