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Our Services

At Empower Chiropractic we offer cutting-edge chiropractic care and wellness services that promote whole body health. With our non-invasive techniques you’ll experience improved health as well as increased resilience against stressors!

Learn more about our services below.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a pillar of our wellness center and sets an important foundation for overall health and wellness. Our dedicated team of chiropractors provides the very best chiropractic care to the Fairfax community. Learn more about what to expect today.

Weight Loss

Red Light Therapy uses low wavelengths to penetrate the body to help reduce and even, in some cases, eliminate fat cells.

One study found that just four minutes of exposure to 635nm red light caused 80% of lipids to be released from fat cells, and by six minutes, almost all of the fat had been released
Interested in trying it out for yourself, or just have questions about how it works? Give our office a call at (571) 406-4102. We would love to get you started!

Prenatal Chiropractic

Our Webster Technique certified doctors are ready and willing to support you on your journey to as quick and comfortable a birth as possible. Learn more about Prenatal Chiropractic care below.